Manufacturing of safe, precise and reproducible spare parts and components demands consistent supply of high quality gases. A lot happens behind the scene before these components are assembled on the assembly line. Processes like curing of tyres, inerting of autoclave, heat treatment of various metallic components, annealing, sintering, quenching, welding, carburization are some of the common mechanical operations involved in the manufacturing of automotive components.

These processes have an impact not only on the safety of the components and workplace but also on the aesthetic appeal of the final product. In addition, the intense competition and pressure on margins means optimizing the costs of production, which means optimizing use of consumables like gases. Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Helium are the widely used gases in automobile industry.

Leave your worries to us to provide you with the best quality and consistency of these gases. We offer atmosphere for a wide array of processes

  • Heat treatment for durable components viz. annealing, sintering, quenching, carburization, hardening, brazing
  • Welding solutions
  • Autoclave operations
  • Inflation of air bags with Argon
  • Inflation of tyres with Nitrogen
  • Refrigerant supply for air conditioning system
  • Waste water cleaning
  • Thermal spray coating for desired surface finish