The chemical production industry and related sectors like petroleum refining, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints and other surface coatings, polymers etc. face tremendous pressure to strike a balance between operational efficiency and environmental impact.

At NovaAir, we bring to the table a thorough understanding of the chemical manufacturing process and the role of industrial gases. Right from being the building blocks of chemical reactions to detection of leakages, gases play a crucial role in this economically vital sector. NovaAir’s complete solutions support you at every point in the value chain of chemical industry, keeping in mind the productivity, optimised costs and reduction of carbon footprint.

Trust NovaAir solutions for:

  • Inerting of chemical reactors and plants for the safety of man and machine
  • Combustion in oxygen enhanced environments
  • Liquid phase chemical oxidation
  • Fermentation
  • Heating and cooling of reactors
  • Nitrogen stripping for high purity chemicals
  • Improved recovery of solvents by prevention of VOC
  • Waste water treatment