The 7000 year old glass manufacturing industry involves melting of sand or silica at temperatures upward of 1700 degree Celsius. The industry is susceptible to cause environmental damage by release of SOx and NOx. Not to mention, the energy is also on its toes to minimize the energy costs.

NovaAir is committed to the glass industry to improve its productivity and reduce emissions. The manufacturing process consumes significant quantities of oxygen in the glass furnace and nitrogen for inerting and prevention of oxidation as the furnace cools.

Trust NovaAir solutions for:

  • Oxy-fuel conversion of glass furnace and auxiliary burners i.e. using oxygen instead of air for glass melting for reduced fuel consumption and SOx and NOx emissions, resulting in improved glass finish and workplace safety
  • Surface treatment for improved brilliance and finish for tableware, speciality glasses or high value container glasses (like wine glasses, display glasses, flacons etc)
  • Tightening and insulation of windows using Argon and Nitrogen