About NovaAir

NovaAir Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yingde Gases Group Company Ltd, China. With a turnover in excess of $2 billion, Yingde Gases is the largest industrial gases company in China and the fifth largest in the world. It is an integrated industrial gas company with interests in atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) as well as Hydrogen and gasification technologies. NovaAir is looking to invest in to several air separation plants and downstream supply systems. The first phase of investment is already in progress that involves setting up air separation / onsite plants near Chennai, Hyderabad, Near Mumbai and Delhi.

NovaAir covers the entire spectrum of plant building, from designing to project management and would run its own Operations, quality assurance, distribution & application support functions. It’s our endeavour at NovaAir to support its customers in developing solutions using cutting edge application technology and safe & efficient supply systems.

NovaAir’s corporate office is located at Mumbai and has offices in Bangalore & Delhi. The industrial gas sector which is consolidating rapidly, leaving limited choice to customers, NovaAir brings Novo(New) & credible option with higher customer focus and commitment towards safety and sustainability.

NovaAir prides in offering customized solutions for its customers to build significant value proposition. With a right blend of experience, excitement and energy in the team , NovaAir is poised to grow into one of the leading industrial gas companies in India.